Jinx Rig For Blender

Hello ! Do you want to animate with the Jinx character? Here is a perfect rig! Come on, join us by making animation!

Rigger offers XPea

Vertices: 18,560

Edges : 39,459

Faces: 20,957

Triangles: 36,776

UPDATE - 16.01.2024

The expected update to Jinx rig has arrived! Added Blender 3.6x and 4.0 versions.

-All problems in the rig have been resolved

-Dynamic hair and shoes update has arrived

-Weapon parent has been made better

-IK FK and Snap features added

-Face rig fixed

-Added many more tweak bones

-Settings menu fixed

-Rig ui redone

-Weight paint problems solved

-Fingers are much better now!

and much more...

Happy animating!

Instagram : burak_xpea & xpea_3d

LinkedIn : Burak Karaoğlan

Artstation : Burak Karaoğlan

Rigger offers XPea