Starter Rigs

Introducing Roblox Starter Rigs, which will match all your needs when making gfx, whether you are a beginner at gfx or experienced.

It includes the following:

  • Blocky Rig
  • 2.0 Rig
  • Boy Rig
  • Woman Rig
  • Man Rig
  • Girl Rig
  • Superhero/Buff Rig
  • Roblox HD Faces (over 350+ classic Roblox faces revamped to 4k resolution you can use with the custom node setup included with the rigs)

These rigs also include an add-on that you can install in Blender, It'll let you import the rigs by just selecting them in the menu, without having to go through the hassle of appending the rigs manually.

To install the addon:

  • Open blender
  • Head top left > Edit > Preferences > Install
  • Find the "Roblox Starter Rigs" Zip file > Click on it > Install Add-on
  • Wait for it to process, then enable the addon by clicking on the empty box beside the name
  • Click on the 3 lines bottom left > Save Preferences
  • All done, you can now find the addon by pressing "N" and it should appear on the N Panel on the right.

For those who don't trust add-ons, you can simply unzip the file & manually append the rigs in the "Roblox Starter Rigs" folder.

NOTE: redistributing or reselling the rigs if modified or at a price is PROHIBITED.

These rigs can be used for both personal & commercial purposes

For any major bugs/issues regarding the rigs, please message @SoftGB or @ChillingParibes on Twitter.