3D Character Animator (photo realistic)

This is for freelance!

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atali.inc is a Japanese company involved in the creation of photoreal humans such as the character 'Meme'. https://atali.jp/service/virtualhuman.html

<Job description>

  • It is a job to modify the 3d animation data acquired by Motion Capture.
  • Animation data is used for photorealistic female 3D characters.
  • The animation is the movement of a corporate receptionist. Therefore, there are few large movements.
  • Body animation only. Facial animation is not included.
  • You will be responsible for multiple 15-second animations.
  • Duration is a few days to a week. Deadline is next week.
  • OUTPUT is in FBX format.

In this case, the job is to modify the animation of a photorealistic 3D character. However, we have many different types of animation jobs and we may ask you to do other jobs in the future.

<Skills & Requirements>

  • High level experience in animation modification acquired with motion capture.
  • High level experience in creating Photoreal Human Animations.

<How to Apply>

Please email me at the address below, if you are interested. We would like you to include an estimate of cost if possible, as well as a portfolio or an outline of some of your work.

Email: kawauchi@atali.jp

Posted 2 weeks ago